Month: September 2012

The Chasm

This is the Mad River where it is the most incised and confined. That canyon wall you can see on the other side is easily 200-300 feet sheer.


Mountain Quail

Here is some more stitching fun. I was taking some notes when nearby this flock of quail walked by. There was about 20 of them and they nervously got up on the log in single file and one by one jumped to the next one. I took like 20 pictures of them as they walked, then stitched them and got that cool ‘ghosting’ effect…

Black Lassic

If you ever have the chance, go to the top of Black Lassic. You can also hit a few other cool peaks while in the area. Its actually really easy to get to it in the summer. I took this picture in the spring, so Red Lassic (in the background) was still covered in snow – making it too hard for us to get there or to Signal Peak. We had a clear view of Shasta and the Trinity Alps that day, as well as the ocean and Humboldt Bay. What are you waiting for? Do it!

You can find directions here.


While I haven’t researched this, elk appear to be moving into areas where they haven’t been in a long time. Sheds or at least elk droppings are becoming more common as far south as the Van Duzen, where I found this one. Ridiculous, right? It is so heavy that it seems impossible that the animal could lift its head.