Death Match: Madrone vs Douglas-fir

Madrone the kraken

Its no secret that plants compete fiercely for resources. Its to the death! With higher order plants like trees it is no different. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see this whole sequence in time-lapse? The madrone looks like some alien tentacle that is about to devour the Douglas-fir tree. It is actually more of a wrestling match. The madrone is much older, and in its 150+ year life it has found itself fire starved and surrounded by young obnoxious fir trees that are over crowding its crown. In an attempt to prevent this fir from completely shading it out, is it attempting to squeeze it to death?


One comment

  1. I like your muscular definition of what is happening here. Though a part of me still sees a tree flinging herself weeping on a returning prodigal son of the forest.

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