High Spots

Check out some pictures from some recent adventures around a huge outcrop. Needless to say, approaching the edge near the top was sketchy. I wasn’t able to get to the actual top partly because I didn’t have the best boots and because I was alone. While the rock is competent, there are fractures all along the edges and some of it appears unstable.

There is a big difference between the north and south face of the rock. On the north side a creek runs down the edge of the base of the rock forming some pretty cool rock cascades.

The south side is dry and more fractured. Little caves everywhere. The surface is all talus with very little developed soil so most of the veg is live oak and white oaks. The lichen colonies on the trees and rocks are amazing.

Looking off the southeast you see South Fork Mountain. Miles and Miles of wilderness in between.

MR PR 29

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