Blue Rock

I got a nice hike in in the Six Rivers off of Route 1 in the Pilot Creek area. On my map I saw this peak, simply 4042. A long time cowboy in the area told me they called it Blue Rock.

I approached it from the bottom, so through the old growth I started to make out a huge bluff. Seriously, the larger trees you see next to the cliff are fully mature Douglas-fir standing at 150-200 feet tall.

The rock face was loaded with cracks and fissures and many dark places extend in the rock. At the base, I noticed this one crack, which as I grew closer I could hear roaring water echoing from out of a crack… Taking a closer look the crack, or hole, was covered in deep green mosses and a cold air was gushing out of the rock like a industrial fan. And somewhere down there in the darkness, perhaps 50 or more feet, a subterranean stream was raging under the rock. Did the flash from my camera reflect off the water down there?

Some views from the top. Old growth forests as far as you can see.

This is a picture looking southeast, into the upper Mad River.

MR 149

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