Dusk over the East Branch

SFE 104

My favorite perch over the East Branch South Fork Eel. We have been monitoring a Spotted Owl and a Peregrine Falcon here for over 10 years. The spotty lives in a fat, hard to reach (even by my standards) forest in a gulch above Tom Long Creek and the peregrine lives upstairs in the face of a 500′ cliff.



  1. That cliff is amazing !,in the past I have seen a pair of golden eagles in the area and was wondering if they lived there…straight down to the east branch

  2. I have seen the golden eagle too, but I always thought it was a little south from the mouth of Tom Long, up the East the Branch. I have watched it land in a clump of gnarly old growth DF trees on the west side of the river several times, but never walked over there to see if there is a nest.

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