Month: June 2013

College of the Redwoods Forest

HU BAY 010

I had the opportunity to return to the CR forest for a little adventure a few weeks ago. This is where I first studied forestry and ultimately set a significant course for my life. I spent allot of time in the 80 or so acres above the school. While the campus has changed considerably since I attended class there, the forest remains the way I remembered it.

There is allot of diversity on the edges, and in general the forest shifts to sitka spruce and coastal grasslands as the elevation increases. Its easy to forget, but CR is right on the other side of Elk River, and in fact most of the ownerships around CR are accessed from Berta Rd at the top or Humboldt Hill. CR has several large residual old growth redwood trees scattered throughout the forest over a well stocked mid-mature redwood stand. There is even supposedly a spotted owl in the forest, but Ive never seen it…


Redwood Bark Nester

I found the empty nest last year in a redwood stand above Scotia and then came across the one on the right a few weeks back in the woods above College of the Redwoods. A tiny bird suddenly darted off the tree and it clued-me in. They seem to build their nest about 4-5 feet of the ground in the ridges of thicker redwood bark. Anybody know what it is?

Mad Creeks

MR 227

More hiking in larger tributaries to the Mad River. This one drains to Bug Creek. This stream has tremendous energy in periods of heavy rains and snowmelt. As result, the channel is constantly scouring out a new path, though near these waterfalls there is not much left to scour. Here the water is periodically re-directed by build-ups of large boulders and logs which only move under heavy flow conditions. There are rumors that some of these larger streams where planted by DFG in past with rainbow trout, but I haven’t found any fish up in these steams yet.