Goat Rock

VAN 023

Always one of my favorite swimming holes. I vow to return here in the winter to take pictures when the Van Duzen is in full force…Its also a badass spot to watch winter steelhead runs.



    1. A good question… I have no idea who owns it, but as far as I know it is open access. Goat Rock is right on HWY 36 and I see people there all the time. It could be private land but no one bothers trying to keep that spot closed off to the public. Just dont go uphill of the highway there and your fine.

      There is a large grassland that you travel through between Golden Gate and Bridgeville. Look for two large turnouts on the south side of the HWY. You can park at either of them and hike down to the river. The lower one is all large boulders and deeper pools, while the top one leads to a pretty nice beach. In the pictures above I started at the beach and hiked down the river to the lower spot.

      If this helps: +40° 28′ 8.53″, -123° 49′ 21.64″

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