Spotted Owls

The Spotted Owl. These birds are seldom seen. When you find them it is easy to see why. In fact with the exception of the barn owl, all the forest owls have superb camouflage. I bet I walk under owls all the time unbeknownst.

The spotted is pretty big too, about 16-20″ inches tall, so imagine how many of the small – and more common – owls you must pass underneath when your in the woods.

If you know how to find them however, its not that difficult. Well, as least when they are there…

At first the male was checking us out, then he flew back up into a tree and passed out. The female on the other hand, watched us diligently and eventually took interest in our mice ‘prey’ we were offering up.

MR 352

Often times when you find a pair, the male will take prey to the female on the nest. This time she took the mice and ate them straight way. Nesting was obviously over and these two are now just chilling, probably trying to catch up on some sleep. NSOs typically nest every year, some times successfully, sometime not. I found no nest or evidence of fledglings, so we will be forced to wait until next year to try to find their actual nest site.

Thanks for the mouse!

Thanks for the mouse!



  1. Can’t be a Spotted Owl…that’s a 2nd growth Doug Fir…must be a Spotrred, ummm, Barrspot Owl? Hey, maybe Rocky G. knows. Rocky, you out there?

    1. Well Rusty, I can tell you, that this area is actually virgin Doug-fir, but only 60 or so years old. So your right, its not old growth (which the NSO is obviously not dependent on in CA), but there no stumps… just dying white oak.

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