Bear Cubs… Are Cute!

MR 362

I caught this tiny cub out of the corner of my eye and had to get closer to get a picture. Cubs almost always climb up a tree when they feel threatened and that was the first thing it did when it noticed me approaching. Never saw mama, but all the people I know who work with bears claim that black bear mothers will hide from humans, even if they stand between them and their cubs. The so-called aggressive black bear is a popular myth, although it holds true in places like Yosemite. A wild black bear will generally take all measures to avoid you.

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  1. Awesome, again! I remember hiking by myself once many moons ago with only my dog up in Oregon somewhere. We ran into a couple of bears and I was pretty freaked out. Just knowing I have no defenses if they for one reason or another wanted to attack. I do wish we had wilderness areas where Nature still reigned (see Bill McKibben’s book End of Nature), but at times like that I’m glad I ran into black bears and not the one on our flag.

  2. While we dont have grizzly bears in CA, we certainly have a healthy amount of wilderness. Humboldt County alone boasts around 600,000 acres of public land – most of which is very remote and wild. And while people may think of the industrial ownerships as not wild (another 500,000 acres), you have to remember that 80% of that land base is more or less void of human activity at any given time.

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