Can you make a difference?

MR 367

We have been putting significant effort into trying to prevent Douglas-fir from over topping our last remaining oak woodlands. The scale on which this phenomena is occurring is overwhelming to say the least…

Hopefully there is a growing awareness of the necessity to maintain the oak and prairie areas that will result in landowners big and small physically removing small fir trees from the oak woodlands before they get unmanageable. And more importantly (and idealistic), the reintroduction of fire to our forests.


One comment

  1. My father and his cousins used to hunt all over the Mad River Ranger District in the 1940’s. In the 1990’s they went back to their favorite hunting grounds only to find the Douglas Fir had nearly covered the entire oak woods and prairies. He had worked for the Forest Service for 38 years and found that quite astonishing.

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