Scene of the Crime

MR 396

I had a real lucky wildlife experience last week. Me and a coworker came driving up near the forest edge on old ranch road, going slow about to turn around. As we slowed almost to a stop, I was looking at a map, out of the corner of my eye I see a flock of doves take off about 100 feet from us. My buddy says “Holy shit, did you see that?” I look up to see a poof of feathers, like a feather pillow hit by a shotgun. As they clear, we see a grey hawk working on its prey, smashing it on the ground and digging in with its beak. Once sure it was dead it flew off, with a heavy load, only getting 20 or so feet in the air. I was too transfixed to pull out my camera and we were so close that I didn’t want to scare it away. My co-worker said he say the hawk bomb the dove out of mid air! I didnt have my bi-binoculars, but Im pretty sure it was the northern goshawk.


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