Fuels Project

SFE 129

Here is a shot (stitched) from a recent project where we are thinning the understory of the forest. There are many places where the stem density is very high and the brush layers connect to the over-story and create higher fire hazards. By removing fuel ladders and thinning out dense thickets of redwood and tanoak, the fire risk is reduced and forest productivity increased. Here we are piling the debris to be burned next year. After the burn we will be planting all the gaps with redwood. Historically the stand was logged intensively with no regard to the regeneration of the stand, which in turn shifted the species composition heavily towards tanoak. This landowner wants to restore the stand to a redwood dominated forest.

If you click to enlarge the image you can see where they have completed the piling on the left, and where they are still cutting on the right. Hard work my friends!


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