Continuing my historic theme, here is another cool find from a similar site a few miles away from the ‘china’ site. In the mid to late 1800s, there was widespread homesteading throughout Humboldt County. Many of these homesteads where set up by larger sheep/cattle operations, who helped people apply for their patents and then over time bought them out. This is how many of the large ranches acquired their large acreages. As result, there are many abandoned homesteads on ranches today that are nothing more than scattered debris of what ever was left behind.



  1. It is really interesting that you find stuff like this. I grew up with a lot of 19th century glassware around the house. During the 60’s my dad went digging in the old outhouses of the houses demolished to make way for BART. He found tons of old bottles that had been tossed into the pits as trash. One of the best ones he found was a blue glass bottle with a matching lid that was used to hold ink. We found an identical one at the museum at Gettysburg.

    Anyway, this old stuff as fascinated me since my childhood, when I used to look at my dads collection.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Yeh it is interesting how trash becomes treasure… There is a site near Grizzly Creek called Camp Bemus which was a major logging camp in the heyday of redwood logging. I got to ‘sneak’ into the site some years ago and look at this pit which was the old dump of the camp. There were bottles and cans of all sorts, most rusted to bits, but a good amount still intact; cigarette tins, bear cans, clorox bottles, etc.. Pretty neat to see what the products of the past looked like. I have this feeling our massive landfills will not be as interesting to future generations…

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