Points from the Past


So we have seen these historic sites and objects, some close to 100 years old. However people have existed in the same areas for much longer. These sites, while a little harder to find, have persisted for centuries – some for thousands of years. I think the oldest recorded site in California is over 10,000 years old! In the picture above we found two archaeological sites in this valley and believe that it is likely that there are probably more sites deeper down in the ground. Hundreds of years of erosion and soil development essentially cap sites. Here are two of the artifacts that were discovered close to the surface.

CIMG0245 CIMG0239


  1. I worked as an archaeologist on Six Rivers National Forest. It would be useful to caution people against disturbing or collection cultural resources on Forest Service lands. Check out my web site for some papers on the Pilot Ridge area. I anticipate adding another paper on the homesteads of the region in early spring. Tom Keter

    1. Thanks Tom and your right. I will be sure to consider that in future posts. I have read many of your studies from your time in the USFS. I particularly found the pollen studies from the North Fork Eel really interesting.

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