Under the Roughs

VAN 039

A nice view of the bottom of the Eaton Roughs.



  1. I’m rather enjoying your blog. I haven’t really been out in the back country for nearly 35 years choosing a city life on the coast instead. But, growing up in the Klamath-Trinity region, that became our playground and wood cutting regions. Two seasons working in the Forest Service silviculture department as a lowly grunt crewman, tagging along with the ranger district’s registered foresters was good for traveling from the Mill Creek / Grogen’s Hole area north of Hoopa, south to Pilot Rock/Grouse Creek, West to Highway One and East to the Onion Mountain region near Denny. It was worth every minute of dragging chain through miles of tan oak and poison oak. Your photographs and commentary allow me to relive that era. Thanks!

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