First Snow

MR 404

I had the pleasure of working around 4,000′ feet up in the Mad River on Friday. This is how the day started, around 8:15 here, with a nice powder shower.

MR 407

Within a few hours about an inch accumulated. Officially snow at this point.


MR 406

While the powder is dry(ish), I was just about as soaked through at the end of the day as a rainy day.

MR 405

My hands still hurt!

MR 408

Mad River rocks!

MR 409

By 4 PM, there was a good 3-4 inches on the ground. Enough to make the drive down the hill a little precarious. You really do appreciate through-cuts when sliding down logging roads in a pick-up. I stopped to take a quick shot of this buck, who although it looks like hes looking right at me, is totally oblivious, staring at the doe who was behind the oak tree to the right.


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