2013 – Year in Pictures

So 2013 has come and gone. Happy New Year! I put up my 2013 gallery page and had a real hard time finding my favorite picture of the year. Looking back, I think my hike up to Blue Rock was the coolest thing I did, with the Mad River steelhead dive coming in close second. Here is the view from Blue Rock:

MR 149

Be sure to look though the 2013 page now added to the top of the blog.



      1. Now I realize it’s a graveyard. I didn’t look at all of the photographs in that series. I wonder if the Myers Flat cemetery is being taken care of. That’s some significant amount of growth growing up around the markers. One of the flat markers in the foreground is a newer placement. Within the past twenty years. It was one paid for by the Veterans Administration provided for veterans for their service. It sure could use a boy scout troop or the High Rock crew to give it a once over.

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