Dreaming of Snow

A snowy Bear Creek.

A snowy Bear Creek.

We had a nice dusting of snow last month and since then barely a drop of precipitation. As drought concerns heighten, time to start thinking of conservation of water. Or participating in a rain dance. Or both…

A winter woodland.

A winter woodland.

One comment

  1. Titlow Rd is so beautiful when we get those cold storms. I haven’t found time recently, but I love snowboarding Horse Mountain and/or cross-country skiing the ridge road. As your photo’s illustrate, it is a winter wonderland only 45 minutes from the ocean. Awesome.

    Unfortunately, it seems we are destined to be able to enjoy this fewer and fewer times on average per year.

    One of my dreams was/is to rebuild that building that is just off one of the hair-pin turns off of the road that goes to the radio towers. I don’t know if it’s public or private land, but it would be so nice to have either a little yurt or even a little lodge up there where those having fun in the snow could congregate, relax, maybe have a little snack, hot wine, or hot chocolate etc.

    It’s not going to happen, but it’s fun to dream.

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