Grizzly Creek

VAN 057

Here are some pictures from way up near the headwaters of Grizzly Creek. The forest is right on the redwood transition areas where redwood and coastal Douglas-fir and oak woodlands collide. The combination of good soils, heavy rain, and persistent fog make these areas very productive for trees.

These mountain streams may look small, but once the rains start they really pick up. Most of the headwater areas transition to open grasslands, and as result the peak flows into these streams is enormous. Flows tend to be flashy and can be very intense right after big rains.

VAN 062

This particular forest came with an interesting story. Most of the surrounding areas where logged in the 1960s. Apparently as they moved into this stand, there was a horrible accident, costing one of the loggers their life. The crew backed out after the accident, leaving this area unlogged. And so it has stood until now. And so it will remain, now that a northern spotted owl has found its home here.



  1. Iifound this:

    Chain’s mother, Cindy Allsbrooks, told Monitor that Pacific Lumber agreed to leave the 135 ft. redwood that killed her son permanently undisturbed where it fell, and protected by a 100 ft. buffer zone where no logging can occur. In addition, PL will dedicate a portion of its nearby land as a public memorial to Chain. Allsbrooks said the memorial site will be next to the Van Duzen River, directly across state Hwy. 36 from the logging road to the death site, and just under a mile east of the entrance to Grizzly Creek State Park. A disused section of former Hwy. 36 roadway ends at the memorial, providing convenient public access and parking.

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