How Rugged?

ER 046

Our coastal hills can be extremely rugged. The lower Eel especially within the sandstone bluff formations. Away from the cliffs on the beach… are more cliffs. You just cant see them because they are covered in a think jungle of trees and brush. The mountains behind Ferndale and Centerville have some of the most rugged forests in the county.

ER 051

One interesting feature that I encounter in the lower Eel River areas are extremely steep ridges that are surprisingly narrow. Here above Ferndale a ridge gradually rises; a sheer sandstone bluff to the south and a steep hillside to the north. The ridge is 3-5 feet wide, which is actually somewhat nerve-wracking, being that the bluff is at least 200 feet vertical. And the other side is not much better. The ridge also had a unique, windblown micro environment. These nooks and crannies are where bio-diversity is going to be highest is a forest. And sure enough, manzanita in a spruce forest!

ER 049


  1. Yes, that neck of the woods is really surprisingly rugged. Especially since you can be tricked by the open prairies located all around. That’s some pretty large manzanita. I assumed most manzanita grew in hotter country?

  2. The turkey vultures are back, no doubt watching over calving season, but we’re still a ways away from seeing Garter Snakes. Nice country.

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