Mad River Rocks!

MR 569

Here are some more pictures on the Mad. It looks like a crashed spaceship! Below is another amazing rock just a few hundred feet away from the spire in the last post.

MR 562 MR 557 MR 555


  1. How do you think grand rock formations form like that? Is it from a glacial period and the water just washes everything around it? This is where my lack of scientific prowess really shows itself. The boulders at Grays Falls are also especially interesting along this line.

    1. I am no expert, but I think the rocks are older than the Ice Age. We live within whats called the Franciscan Assemblage – which consists of rocks that are millions of years old. Since their formation, they have been twisted and folded through faulting which leads to allot of our unique rock outcrops on the North Coast. Here, I do think the Mad River is gradually head cutting in its middle portion – between big bend and deer creek. Thousands, if not more, years ago the river was over our head – and the rock out crops barley poking out of the surface.

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