TeePee Burner

VAN 105

This is one of the last TeePee burners which used to dot Humboldt County. They were used for burning wood waste from the mills, this one in Carlotta next to to the grange.



  1. Ah yes, teepee burners were all over the place when I was growing up. Is there still one up near the town of Mad River? There was an abandoned burner in Hoopa at the Cal-Pac mill site but, I believe they finally tore it down a few years back. Yes, that is truly a remaining icon from a bygone era.

    Here’s a shot of teepee burners in action in Arcata in the 1940’s. http://library.humboldt.edu/humco/holdings/shuster/Access_Jpg/2001010879.jpg

    Look up the Merle Shuster photographic collection online at the HSU Library. Incredible aerial photos of the Humboldt Bay Area.

  2. I really wish they kept more of them around. Would have been nice if the Kuchel Visitor Center either incorporated a real or facsimile of a burner in the design of the building.

  3. Hello, from Canada. Here we call them Beehive Burners. Still plenty around but not used anymore. There is even one nearby, along the Trans Canada, that has been converted into a bar. Looks like it is greening up nicely in your neck of the woods. Always enjoy your posts. Take care.

  4. It’s still standing! That’s the location of yge Calotta Limber Company that was owned by Paul Orban. I remember said seeing Mr. Orban out in the plainer lumber unit area where he would but bands off a unit, take it apart one board at a time and check for the grade of each piece. His test for quality control before high speed scanners for lumber grading. Gosh- makes me feel old!

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