Month: May 2014

Albino Redwood – 150 Feet Up

SFE 143

Following a lead I received last year I went looking for another albino in Founders Grove, about 100 feet from where I found this one. It was rumored to be about 100 feet away and 100 feet higher in the canopy. So with some binoculars I set to looking up and after a while I found it!

SFE 144

My attempt to take the picture through binoculars…


Pilot Creek

MR 600

The confluence of Pilot and the Mad River. One of the critical tributaries of the Mad River. There are resident rainbow trout that spawn in Pilot Creek but do not migrate to the ocean. A natural migration barrier prevents summer steelhead from reaching this region of the Mad, though every so often winter steelhead can get through the barrier. This explains why you may notice rainbow trout may have either white or red flesh: white from the resident trout and red being the ocean going winter steelhead.