Month: June 2014

The Cabin in the Woods

VAN 110

Spotted Owl

VAN 108

Owls, owls everywhere!


Mountain Meadow

VAN 107


SFE 142

Life and Death

ER 064

“Show me death and I will eat it with a spoon.” So said a teacher I once had named Bill Harger. I am constantly reminded of this subtlety of nature as I explore our forests.


Tom Long Peak

SFE 140

The peak above the confluence of Tom Long Creek and the East Branch South Fork Eel River. There is a peregrine falcon living on that face – and a spotted owl on its eastern side.


Fractured Earth

SFE 141

This is one of those ‘wow’ landslides. The river in the background is the East Branch South Fork Eel River and just above where you can see the water is where Tom Long Creek joins it. This massive slide actually went all the way across the canyon, completely damming Tom Long, causing the laws of physics to work overtime for months. Eventually the water downcut back through the mountain of debris and the channel found its place. This is great vantage and while vertical perspective is really hard (especially looking down), if you can see the tree heights, and the shadow of the wall I am standing on, you can start to grasp the enormity of it all. The edge of the shadow is approximately 200 – 300 feet straight down from where I am standing.



SFE 138

Taken from the “Darkside”


Old Growth

01 MR 580

Here are some pictures from a Douglas-fir forest in the middle Mad River area. This was a neat stand, tucked down along the river with a understory of Pacific yew.