Crazy Trees

Look at this crazy Douglas-fir. This tree is in the stand I wrote about last time. Judging by its appearance, Id sat that this gnarly bastard has been around for a while. It is likely one of the parent trees that ultimately led to the widespread encroachment of this previous woodland.

MR 621 MR 618

I also came across this oddity. Well, at least it is unique to this particular stand and is pushing the extreme western portion of its range. Like the Douglas-fir above this tree appears to be a veteran is quite old. Can you tell what it is?

MR 617


      1. Gnarly looking tree regardless. Its cool to see these unique specimens out there. Worthless as timber but valuable nonetheless for wildlife and aesthetic values.

      2. A bit late to the game here. Looked more like a hardwood, but your clue left no candidates. Some Jeffery Pine has been planted in the hinterlands of Humboldt…you’re the man, but is that a possibility?

      3. I guess it could be, I honestly did not examine the tree thoroughly – but there was a ponderosa presence in the vicinity so I made the guess based on that… Cant think of the last time I came across a Jeffery at work…

      4. Mad River side of Iaqua Buttes, maybe higher altitude Kneeland towards Bridgeville. Some younger plantings. Not considered desireable by many in the forestry trade.

  1. Jeffrey Pine only occurs this far west on ultramafic rocks (serpentine and peridotite). there’s quite a bit on Horse Mountain, and up behind Hoopa on Big Hill Road; also in the Smith River area.

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