The Forest



  1. Looks like Douglas Fir… Replanted.. Young in the front and older trees in the back… Young trees maybe 15 years old? Older trees maybe 35-40? Let me know if I pass this test or need to brush up on my silviculture..

  2. Well when you are not a professional photographer, the perspective does not always come through. And remember, all of my pictures are from my phone!

    No, you are looking at the real deal – 200+ year old forest. The young trees are growing in canopy gaps created after pockets of trees have died out. These forests have never been logged. Also, interestingly, 200 years ago this picture would have been very different – with a forest comprised mostly of black oak and scattered infrequent Douglas-fir. Through random events and eventually fire suppression, Douglas-fir came to dominate the landscape in these areas.

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