On the Edge


Here are a few pics from a rock out crop on a tributary to Grouse Creek, which drains to the South Fork Trinity River. Pucker factor was big on the edge of this rock. I got down and crawled over so I could get my head over the edge – which was enough to get my adrenalin going for the day…



  1. I’ve never been there, but my father told of a place called Hell’s Half Acre, somewhere up in that vicinity…ish. Well, it’s on the South Fork of the Trinity someplace. (Check a map). I guess a hiker in the old days had died out there and two forest service employees had to pack him out on a trial that was narrow and on a ravine that was straight up and down. Have you ever been to Hell’s Half Acre?

    Oh, here is this: http://blog.conifercountry.com/2014/07/hells-half-acre/

  2. Is this the big limestone outcrop west of 4N36 and Devastation Slide? I’ve been intending to go there for some time and check for caves – but it looks hell of hard to get to…

  3. It’s in very SE Section 15, SW Section 14, T4N R5E on the Sims Mtn. quad. Coordinates are -123.59 40.721, or 450230 4507950 Zone 10N if you prefer UTMs. You can see it from 4N36 on the way up out of Grouse Creek. it looks like the best way to get there would be to bushwhack east from spur road 4N36G which is uphill and west of the outcrop. It’s in my plan to go look for caves there – there are no known limestone caves in Humboldt County, but this outcrop is large enough to have potential for some.

    1. Ahh, ok thats several miles down stream. My pic is up in the headwaters, in Section 36, 4N, 4E. That sounds rad what you are describing though…send me pics if you go!

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