1. Well Bolithio…who do you work for? C.D.F.? ‘cuz if you’re working for S.P.I. this “Old Growth” is toast.

    1. G.D.R.C., T.L.R., whatever. You cover some ground. How about the tree featured in this 2nd photo? White Oak, Live Oak?

  2. I rather enjoy not knowing who Bolithio “works for”. Yes, you do cover some ground in Humboldt/Del Norte/Trinity and Mendocino Counties. There are too many different locations to work for just one company.
    Let’s just appreciate the great photos and information about them. (My guess is Bolithio is a Rural Route Postal Carrier)

    1. I see those carriers all the time. I sometimes envy their jobs, as they don’t have to be in the brush. But driving all day on Humboldts bumpy road network might be just as taxing!

      Just to clear the air, I am a forester who works primarily with non-industrial landowners. I do THPs, timber management, grants, etc… That’s why I get around, my client base is pretty diverse. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to visit these places and that’s why I keep some of my descriptions vague – to respect peoples privacy. Im glad you all are enjoying the pictures!

  3. We need to let Ernie Branscomb from Garberville in on this blog. He has a great blog called Ernie’s Place. He, like most of us, were way more prolific before the advent of Facebook. But, it’s fun to dig around in his archives to find a lot of local history, discussion on flora and fauna and his days as a logger in Southern Humboldt. He now runs a refrigeration repair service andd the Garberville Radio Shack. A real great guy to get to know.


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