Doe and Fawns

MR 637


  1. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you…Have you seen very many mountain lions(panthers) in your travels? I have had the amazing good luck to see five in my lifetime. As a kid, an adult lion was drinking out of the river below our house in the middle of the day. Number two and three were teenagers just walking through the middle of a cut block when I was performing a stocking check in the Sims Mountain area. Number four was on Fickle Hill Road between the top of the Arcata side around the last set of houses, just walking across the road during the middle of the day. I stopped and warned the houses of the sighting. And, finally, one darted across the freeway just south of Westhaven at night. At first, I thought it was a Great Dane, but saw the tail and knew better.

    My father, who worked in the woods his entire life and didn’t ever get a chance to see a mountain lion…and I work two seasons in the Forest Service as a silviculture crew grunt and see five. Life is not fair, sometimes.

  2. I have seen one mountain lion in my 15 years of working in the woods around here and it was last year. I was on the 4-wheeler and was coming down a road in a oak forest near Bear Creek in the middle mad river. I saw something in the grass and first though deer, but it looked up at me, stood up and then bound down the hill. It was a big old tom, and had to have like a 4 foot long tail. It was pretty cool.

    As you may remember, foresters make an awful racket while walking around, and I think lions can hear us from literly a mile away and will stay clear. Its only in rare instances where you get the jump on them, like when I came zipping over the ridge on the bike.

    That said, I am sure that mountain lions see me all the time! I see their scat almost everyday when Im in the woods.

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