Board Camp Mountain

MR 651

A view of the backside of Board Camp Mountain.



  1. Sierra Pacific has two old-growth logging plans here. The first is approved and the second is pending. Numbers 1-14-066 and 1-14-068. SPI failed to disclose the late successional forest here. Both plans call for clear-cutting.

    1. You are mistaken . Board Camp Mountain is entirely on Six Rivers National Forest. Im pretty sure that the THPs you refer to are several miles from this location. Ill look into them latter, I highly doubt they are ‘old growth’ considering the how most of these forests converted from white and black oak over the past 100 years.

  2. It’s right in the vicinity dude. SPI has land adjacent to the NF boundaries. Doubt all you want. You usually do. I read the Dept of Fish and Game pre harvest inspection report. They say that SPI appears to have failed to disclose late-successional forest in more than one unit.

  3. I’m looking at the maps and DFG’s letter right now from THP 1-14-068. DFG is telling them to go back and re-evaluate for late-successional forest in multiple areas.

    I think once you’ve looked at the maps you’ll agree that two of the logging units in question (27a and 27b ) are on the north face of Board Camp Mt., less than a half mile from the top. The peak itself is in the NF but SPI is just down the hill. You would have to drive through the units to get up there. Some of the other units are within 2 miles. THP 1-14-066 is just a little ways further north, that probably what you’re referring to being several miles away.

    1. Perhaps I am mistaken, as I have never been on SPIs land in that vicinity. I read the report and will be interested to see how SPI responds to the DFG PHI report. I was also thinking in context of a LS forest stand – not “LS characteristics” in individual trees and patches. Those characteristics are very common in this region.

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