Snake in the Grass

MR 675

Just as I was about step foreword I thought I saw something moving. It was a western rattle snake. I remember hearing Neil deGrasse Tyson say during an episode of Cosmos that humans were gifted with a keen ability to recognize patterns. This was one of those moments I was very thankful for that ability!



      1. California King Snakes often buzz or rattle their tails to mimic rattlers. I have owned a couple of kings and the pattern and coloration look more king snake than rattler. Do you see the rattle?

      2. I did. It didn’t coil up or rattle at me… But I did wait to watch for its tail to see its rattle. I have not seen a king snake for while, but would love to find one!

  1. I’m afraid I can’t see the snake. i see the poison oak though. the snake I see around that looks the most like a rattlesnake is the gopher snake. they have that diamond pattern, but no rattle, and no spade shaped head. they get pretty big but are also quite docile.

  2. When I used to work as a piss fir willie, it was quite the game to get a rattler to “ring the bell” of a shovel by pestering the snake into striking it. In those days, the effort was to kill every rattlesnake you ran across. And, you know, I don’t know why that ideology ever existed. I’ve only come upon three rattlesnakes in my life and I let each of them go.

  3. We used to call those snakes “coon tailed rattlers”. It’s strange that every snake that you see looks like a rattler, but when you see a rattler, you know it. Their is no doubt in my mind that Bo saw a rattler.
    I kill snakes around houses, but always let them alone in the wild. A snake bite is a terrible thing.

    1. I agree with dealing with rattle snakes around your home. One of my most vivid memories was watching my grandpa kill a rattle snake when we arrived at our summer camp in the eastern Sierras (I must have been around 6 or 7). He killed it with an axe and it really made me appreciate his toughness. As I grew up and learned of his service as a marine in WWII, I truly realized how tough he really was.

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