Ceremonial Rock

Coast 004

A few pictures from a trip to Patrick’s Point earlier this year. It was a typical coastal day for the north coast, completely overcast that is, so I dont have any good pics of the view. Excepting some pictures of total whiteout, I still like the colors of the forest and rocks when the sky is white. Its a accurate representation of what it looks like the majority of the time around here. Im going back today and if the sun comes out I may get better results…

About Ceremonial Rock, I could not find any history about it. I presume it was used by the Yurok People for – ahem – ceremonies, but I didnt find anything online as to any specific rites or rituals. The Sumeg village is a neat spot to visit, which is less than 1/4 from the rock. Its real fun for kids because you can actually go into most of the structures, something you have to appreciate in our fenced-off world of liabilities.


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