Northern Goshawk

MR 768

If you want to see one of these cool birds up close, and do know any falconers, you can see this one in the Mad River Ranger Station of the Six Rivers National Forest. This is located off HWY 36 between Dinsmore and Mad River. Here are some of my pictures from Goshawks in the wild:


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  1. Hi,

    What a wonderful blog! It really brings me back to my time exploring beautiful places like Hoopa, South Fork Mountain, Groves Prairie, and more.

    Over the past year, I’ve visited some of the remote parts of Humboldt County looking for wildlife, and have had some incredible sightings including Ruffed Grouse, Snowshoe Hare, Black Bear, and Northern Flying Squirrel. Three species that have been eluding me are the Northern Goshawk, Ringtail, and Fisher.

    Given your wealth of knowledge and experience in the Mad River/South Fork Mountain area, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on where to look for these species in Humboldt. I know none are easy to see, but would love to try… I’m not looking for exact nest sites or any sensitive info, just a good road to drive or trail to hike that might give me a good chance to see one of these cool animals. Thanks!

    Venkat S.

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