MR 772

Im fairly confident this is a ruffed grouse, but Im not 100%. The ruffed grouse is very common in North America, but uncommon if not rare in the coast range.



  1. It’s a wonder that grouse are still around. I’ve walked right up to them standing in the road. They will face off and challenge you certain times of the season. Thus the term “Cocky” I guess.

    1. Yeh, one thing grouse has going for it is that it is not to picky when it comes to breeding/nesting habitats. So it tends to thrive where ever there are trees and brush. I love the drumming sound these make in the summer!

      1. Was told the Ruffed Grouse is the “drummer”, not the Blue. I wonder if there is some hybridization in the coastal mtns?

  2. Yes, it does look like a Ruffed Grouse. They are common in our neck of the woods (Canadain Rocky Mountains). They can be identified by the black ruffs on the side of it’s neck and it’s ruffed Mohawk like hair-cut. A few of these birds landed in the stew pot when I was a youngster.

  3. Definitely, Ruffed grouse.

    At first, I was surprised they were in CA but I knew they were in OR and the habitat is the same. i looked at the range map to see the range limits. You are at about the south end.

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