Willow Creek Radio Tower

TRI 027

I came across this place exploring off of Waterman Ridge above Willow Creek. If you ever marvel at your 3G reception in Willow Creek, you can thank this tower… It also apparently is a outpost for the fire department.

OK, so I got this wrong. What I meant to say was: “Ever wonder how emergency services transmit information in rural areas? Well, here is one of their remote antennas…”. Or something like that.

TRI 028


    1. You are correct on that, The actual cell tower you mention is very visible from highway 96 about 2.1/4 mile up from highway 299. This tower pictured is not set up for cellular, 3G or LTE. The antennas pictured here are VHF & UHF band for Hoopa, WC VFD and fire mutual aid only. The antenna at the top is not a sectorized cell antenna; it just looks like one.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. Im certainly not an expert on this, but I have been close to cellular towers and they look very similar. I guess its getting easier to forget about our older forms of communication technology…

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