Memory Full

Well, Im maxed out. For a while they were offering straight memory for purchase, however currently the only option is 100/year. I just don’t have it in me to pay that much for my amateur camera/phone pictures. Not sure what Im going to do. I could delete from the archive, but was hoping to keep a record of how the world looked back then… Hopefully things will change. I mean really, cloud data storage? Should be cheaper than air! Maybe Ill move to Instagram or facebook. Im gunna give it some time, but no new pics for a while…



  1. I am sorry to hear that because I enjoy your pictures and insight. I noticed you are loading full size photos onto your blog. That is great if you are using wordpress to archive your photos, but if you only want people to be able to view them they can be made much smaller. This would save a great deal of memory. All of the pics on my blog are only 600 pixels or smaller on the longest edge. This allows people to view them perfectly fine but they probably take up about 1/10 the memory of some of your photos. I really do hope you keep blogging – I appreciate your mindful observations – it makes me look a little harder when I’m out on my treks. If you start a site somewhere else please let me know. Take care. Bob

  2. That’s a damn shame. You’ve visited many of the places I’ve been. I enjoyed especially South Fork. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your postings. I’m willing to donate couple of bucks.

  3. Hey I enjoyed reading your post. I noticed that you posted pictures of a large crevice/cave somewhere in Humboldt County. I am a cave enthusiast going to school at Humboldt State and I am looking some caves in Humboldt to explore. I was hoping you could tell me where it is located? I am very interested in checking it out. If you could help me out it would be very much appreciated

  4. Go explore Board Camp Mountain. If you look on google earth, there are many rock outcrops along route 1 from Board Camp to Blake Mountain. Many of those outcrops have fractured openings and pseudo-caves. Be careful!!!

  5. I miss your posts so very much. The inability to go out stomping in the woods anymore was softened by your photos…thanks.

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