MR 230

Welcome to my amateur photo blog. These are pictures from the forests of Humboldt County (mostly). Im a forester and spend time in most parts of the county. Enjoy~



    1. Thank you! By the way, Ive been checking out your blog too and am really getting a Shasta itch. I have yet to climb Shasta and am currently working on convincing some of my buddies to do it with me.

  1. Good Stuff. Your pictures and words have the feel of a documentary. And I mean that as a compliment. Not surprised you work in the woods. You got the eye.

  2. Been enjoying your photos and commentary for some time now. I get out to those nooks and crannies for work and pleasure also – wish my photos were as good as yours! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the blog, came across it almost a year back researching hunting locations and find myself checking it almost daily hoping for an update. I’ve been working on some property in Maple Creek on the Mad and love seeing pictures of the area and learning some history. I especially enjoy the Native History and posts on artifacts and stone tools as flintknapping is one of my hobbies. Thanks!

  4. I found the site last week and love it. I knew a little about N CA but seeing the pix was an eye opener.

    i spread the word on it.

    Bummer that you gave up posting. Couldn’t you just create another blog and link them?

  5. http://www.amazon.com/Totem-Salmon-Lessons-Another-Species/dp/0807085499/ref=la_B001JP9UII_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1458604387&sr=1-1

    Totem Salmon : Life Lessons from Another Species
    by Freeman House

    I read this 15 years ago and it formed an image in my mind of your area that stuck. Your pix have corrected and expanded on it. I underestimated the beauty of the area.

    I am interested in trees and was aware of the live oaks, tanoaks, and white oaks in the area but was very surprised at the beauty of the oak parks you picture.

    Last year, I found a lot of info on Oregon White Oak restoration if you are interested.

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