Humboldt Bay

The Van Duzen

VAN 101

Looking up into the Van Duzen. That is Lassic, the highest peak to the left.


Stuck on a Airplane

VAN 046

When I returned from my recent trip to southern California, I had the pleasure of being held on the plane circling for an hour before being sent back to Sacramento. As beautiful as it was in 90% of the county, apparently there was heavy fog at the Aracta airport – and well, you all know the drill around here. At least I got some awesome views of our county. This is over the central-east portion of Humboldt. If you note the savannah-grasslands above the wing, you can see Indian Creek, which is in between the two open ridges. From this vantage you can really see how isolated the oak and savannah types are becoming, as they continue to be rapidly encroached by Douglas-fir.

VAN 045

When I took this picture, the plane was right over McClellan Mountain. The Van Duzen River cuts through the melange geology here. You can still see the grey scars remnant from the 1964 flood. The strange formation in the center of the picture is the Eaton Roughs. I have written about the roughs previously here:

College of the Redwoods Forest

HU BAY 010

I had the opportunity to return to the CR forest for a little adventure a few weeks ago. This is where I first studied forestry and ultimately set a significant course for my life. I spent allot of time in the 80 or so acres above the school. While the campus has changed considerably since I attended class there, the forest remains the way I remembered it.

There is allot of diversity on the edges, and in general the forest shifts to sitka spruce and coastal grasslands as the elevation increases. Its easy to forget, but CR is right on the other side of Elk River, and in fact most of the ownerships around CR are accessed from Berta Rd at the top or Humboldt Hill. CR has several large residual old growth redwood trees scattered throughout the forest over a well stocked mid-mature redwood stand. There is even supposedly a spotted owl in the forest, but Ive never seen it…