South Fork Trinity

Mandell Fire Plantation


I could not dig up much on the history of the Mandell Fire. It appears an extensive area near Hyampom burned, and the plantation is obvious when you drive through the forest near the town. The trees look good and are starting to reach heights of 30-40 feet. Now it looks like they should be thinned…

More South Fork Mountain Diversity


There are not many places in Humboldt County with this type of forest. I typically find chinquapin mixed in tanoak/Doug-fir associations and almost always as a minor component of the overall composition. These stands on South Fork have clusters of old, gnarly groves mixed with true fir and sugar pine.


As small as the world can seem at times, you can still appreciate the vast expanse of forest in this part of CA. Most of the land in the picture is part of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest which is a forest of about 1 million acres.


Here is a stitched panorama. Its a great view of the South Fork Trinity River. Hyampom would be off to the right eventually, 5 or so miles up river.

Want to learn more about the unique golden chinquapin? Chrysolepis chrysophylla