2014: Year in Pictures

A New Years tradition continues here at Nook and Crannies! This is my third year and I have added The 2014 Gallery. Once again, picking a favorite image is very hard, so this year I decided to pick out a few:

VAN 081The Grandfather Tree. This remains the largest, most interesting Douglas-fir tree I have ever encountered in Humboldt County.


MR 559Mad River Rocks! This is one of the coolest rock formations I have found yet. I still hope to return to this location with better light and get some better pictures. However, I can say that I was able to return and confirm the presence of a peregrine falcon nesting on the rock.


ER 078Baby Owls! Speaking of wildlife, this was one of my luckiest experiences this year, at least being able to get such good pictures of spotted owl monitoring.

What will 2015 hold? I hope to keep it going with pictures of our wonderful area. I also hope to actually find the time to explore more public places, such as the Klamath and Siskiyou wilderness areas. Who knows, maybe Ill even get an actual camera which would be a serious upgrade from my current camera phone. Happy New Year!


Cave Cricket


These insects are perhaps seldom seen, but not uncommon. Infact they can be found on six continents. This pic is from the cave at Moonstone Beach. I have also seen them in the redwood forest in stump hallows and goose pens. They might jump at you to scare you away, but they cant hurt you.

Water’s Up – But For How Long?

Bug Creek.

Bug Creek.

Water’s up, but for how long? These creeks are flashy by nature and will rise and fall with the rain. The million dollar question right now is what these streams will look like in September. Here is what the Mad at Arcata looks like right now:


You might notice the variation in flow – notably the 3000 cfs increase in the past 12 hours. Impressive. And that is nothing compared to what the Eel is doing: Its off the charts! Yes that is a 45,000 cfs increase in flow over a 12 hour period. Fortunately it does not tend to drop off as fast, however you can see how over the month, especially for the Mad River, the rivers are still way below where they normally are for this time of year.

2013 – Year in Pictures

So 2013 has come and gone. Happy New Year! I put up my 2013 gallery page and had a real hard time finding my favorite picture of the year. Looking back, I think my hike up to Blue Rock was the coolest thing I did, with the Mad River steelhead dive coming in close second. Here is the view from Blue Rock:

MR 149

Be sure to look though the 2013 page now added to the top of the blog.